|REFLECTIONS| on Mirrors.

15 Feb

The current bathroom mirror has been vetoed for some reason.  I personally don’t think its so bad, perhaps not perfect but not something to be called out.  However, I don’t need much of an excuse to peruse the web for other options.

While usually not a Pottery barn shopper, I think this frame-less beveled look would really work in the space. Not to mention at $100 and under, the price is right. I think I like the top-right best.

From Restoration Hardware. $265-$385. Click image to link to site. This mirror comes in my finish(polished chrome), and in a size that works with my sink and I love the classic look. It's basically exactly what I'm looking for but at those prices, its probably not going to happen.

Also from Restoration hardware. $209. Click image to link. Similar to the last one, this has a bevel which I like. And for some reason its cheaper.... Also, who know Restoration hardware had so many mirrors geez.

This one from West Elm is $149. I'm still deciding if I like it.... Click image to link to site.

I’ll probably end up using what I have for now and keeping an eye out for something vintage, (as in used) since I’m looking for something so traditional anyway.

Check out a few mirrors that completely blow my budget below.

From UrbanArchaeology.com. $750 for chrome. $690 in brass as show. Click image to link to site for more info.

Small Pivoting Mirror from urbanarchaeology.com. As shown $3420. Just the mirror wall mounted, $1265. Click image to link to site.

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