|PHASE 2.5| Unfortunate Unforeseen Water Abatement Project

10 Mar

Ready for concrete.

Water, from what we decided is a seasonally high water table, made it necessary to do some backtracking almost 2 months into the project.  After all the studs were up, water starting creeping out of the walls until about half of the previously bone-dry floor was soggy.  Dealing with this added about $1000 in materials to my spending (which includes the pump and an air compressor used to break up the cement).  To compensate in my budget, I knocked the radiant floor heating off the plan.

Completed Tasks

  • Hydrolic cemented all active water leaks in the wall
  • Covered lower wall with metal lathe
  • Re-cemented walls where needed
  • coated with Dry-lock
  • Dug trench the length of the bathroom wall
  • Dug Sump pit
  • Installed “french drain” pipe to new pit
  • Covered trench with rock and cement leaving weeping gap
  • Installed sump pump, drained to sewer pipe

Then of course I had to put back all of the framing I had removed along the wall to get back to where I started.


Breaking up concrete for the french drain. The pit came first, and it did collect a good amount of water, but you can see the floor is still wet in there.

Ready for rock and pipe

I'm actually making sure its NOT level. The pipe has to angle a 1/4 inch-ish per foot towards the sump pit.

TEST RUN! We thought we'd get the satisfaction of water gushing out the other end, but realized afterward that the pipe is only meant to be there for lots of water flowing. So we would have had to flood the thing to get it to work. Anyway, notice to the left of the trench is bone dry, and to the right is wet. This was pre-cementing.

Thanks to Harrison for the photos and for volunteering to bust up concrete by hand and dig in some questionable mud!

2 Responses to “|PHASE 2.5| Unfortunate Unforeseen Water Abatement Project”

  1. Xela March 11, 2011 at 2:31 pm #

    love this post! it almost made me nostalgic for climbing down a ladder to use the bathroom.

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