|PHASE 5| Finishing touches

29 Mar

Almost there. Orange Kerdi membrane ready to go!

I’m doing as much of these PRE-TILE as possible to avoid tarps and tape on the brand new floor.  Not to mention, I’ll be bathroom-less during that process, so it’s possible I’m avoiding tile in general.

Completed Tasks.

  • Prime and paint
  • Fabricate and install cover for radiator pipe
  • Install crown  (ok this is only half finished)
  • Caulk where needed
  • Touch-ups
  • Install outlet and switch covers

Still To Do.

  • Fill brad holes in crown
  • Install moldings around door and cabinet
  • Install Baseboard after tile is in
  • The radiator pipe cover. Without this, the already low ceiling would have been 3 inches lower. Also, it came out looking pretty nice.

  • My Otis light.

    L to R. Main light and shower light, over the mirror light on a dimmer, Fan timer.


2 Responses to “|PHASE 5| Finishing touches”

  1. davidkaufher April 16, 2011 at 4:34 am #

    Looks awesome!

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