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|DESIGN| Modern Swedish Family House @

30 Jun

In my quest for bedroom closet ideas, I stumbled onto this house tour which I LOVE.

Also, I just figured out what to image search for in google to get ideas for what I’d ideally like to do in my house.  A Built in Wardrobe!  This is huge.

Check out some pics from the inspirational house tour references below.  And see the full article here: Modern Swedish Family House Design | House Design and Furniture Ideas.









|Art formally know as Prints| Society6

21 Jun




I just stumbled on this great source for affordable art prints.  Check it out.

Popular Art Prints | Society6.

|TOILING| and Tiling

29 Apr

FINALLY!!! Monday morning I showered in my brand new SHOWER!!!  Here is the rest of the process from about two weeks ago when I officially removed forever the old shower pan and got down to business.

Kerdi pan and Kerdi curb installed

100% Kerdi Membrane-ed!!!

Starting to tile!!

Neena's Wall.

Harrison and I loooove tile.

Wet saw master.

Wall hugger Rachel grouting.

Double team grout action.

And more grouting. This was the worst part. Or the best workout...

The finished product!!! a few more tiles to add, but I ran short on ones with a finished end. Next THE FLOOR!! And someday, a door.

|PHASE 5| Finishing touches

29 Mar

Almost there. Orange Kerdi membrane ready to go!

I’m doing as much of these PRE-TILE as possible to avoid tarps and tape on the brand new floor.  Not to mention, I’ll be bathroom-less during that process, so it’s possible I’m avoiding tile in general.

Completed Tasks.

  • Prime and paint
  • Fabricate and install cover for radiator pipe
  • Install crown  (ok this is only half finished)
  • Caulk where needed
  • Touch-ups
  • Install outlet and switch covers

Still To Do.

  • Fill brad holes in crown
  • Install moldings around door and cabinet
  • Install Baseboard after tile is in
  • The radiator pipe cover. Without this, the already low ceiling would have been 3 inches lower. Also, it came out looking pretty nice.

  • My Otis light.

    L to R. Main light and shower light, over the mirror light on a dimmer, Fan timer.

|CHECK| out Retrouvius – Reclamation and Design

24 Mar

A guest house they did was featured on Apartment Therapy, but I found most everything in their portfollio to be worth taking a look at.  Check it out at Retrouvius – Reclamation and Design.

|PORTFOLIO| Apt #2 Kitchen

2 Feb

Unit 2 Kitchen

This was my first real design project in the house. I didn’t do much of the work myself because of a super tight time-line (except painting the whole place including ceilings, with some help).  I had given myself a month to put a kitchen in, separate the electric onto different meters for each unit, separate the hot water for each unit and install a new water heater for Apt #1, put in 11 new windows,  put up a railing on the porch, fix some stairs…. the list is longer but I may have blocked it out.  I had all of the work contracted out, which didn’t end super well but I learned a little about hiring people… Anyway, I settled on November 15th and had secured renters by December 1st with the promise that, yes, there will be a kitchen when you move in on December 15th, and electricity (I literally showed the unit with a flashlight one night), and fresh paint, and all this junk will be gone, and the floorboards put back, and it will be clean.   Oh and I had washer/dryer hook-ups, drain and vent installed in a 3rd floor closet.  That was an interesting delivery.   All in all, I mostly succeeded.  I had a bit of touch up and some kinks to work out once the renters moved in, but things worked out.

Unfortunately I don’t have a before picture, but take my word for it it was ugly. Also completely unusable.  There was a stove top but no oven, the counter top was all broken up tile, and the layout just didn’t work.

Check out my design sketches below.  The cabinets, counter-tops and sink came from IKEA.  I kept the floor tile that was already there for the sake of time and money. The stove is from Lowes, its a special order apartment size electric.  The fridge came from a scratch and dent place in North Philly.  Total cost for materials was under $3000.

The Design

The west wall.