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|DESIGN| Modern Swedish Family House @

30 Jun

In my quest for bedroom closet ideas, I stumbled onto this house tour which I LOVE.

Also, I just figured out what to image search for in google to get ideas for what I’d ideally like to do in my house.  A Built in Wardrobe!  This is huge.

Check out some pics from the inspirational house tour references below.  And see the full article here: Modern Swedish Family House Design | House Design and Furniture Ideas.









|SHOP|Industry West

13 Jan

Industry West.

Thanks to Apartment Therapy for this new resource!  This beautiful industrial furniture site is very bad for my chair addiction.

|Find| Mid-Century Modern Furniture Illustration by James Provost

2 Dec

Prints are available for sale. Click to link to orignal post at

Since a recent accidental vintage/antiquing trip to Baltimore I’ve found my chair obsession rekindled. It looks like I share this love with at least one other person.   I definitely wouldn’t mind hanging this in my house, and it is way more affordable then actually buying any of these iconic pieces.

My favorite, however, is missing. The Carter Bros.  Scoop Chair.

Thanks to Furniture for the image. Click image to link to original listing

|Less is more|Devolve a Chair Into Sculptural Art with Karen Ryan

1 Dec

Karen Ryan's whittled chair series. Click image to link to Karen's portfollio. Thanks to for the heads up.

Love this idea and the execution as well.  I am definitely adding this to my to do list.