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|PHASE 5| Finishing touches

29 Mar

Almost there. Orange Kerdi membrane ready to go!

I’m doing as much of these PRE-TILE as possible to avoid tarps and tape on the brand new floor.  Not to mention, I’ll be bathroom-less during that process, so it’s possible I’m avoiding tile in general.

Completed Tasks.

  • Prime and paint
  • Fabricate and install cover for radiator pipe
  • Install crown  (ok this is only half finished)
  • Caulk where needed
  • Touch-ups
  • Install outlet and switch covers

Still To Do.

  • Fill brad holes in crown
  • Install moldings around door and cabinet
  • Install Baseboard after tile is in
  • The radiator pipe cover. Without this, the already low ceiling would have been 3 inches lower. Also, it came out looking pretty nice.

  • My Otis light.

    L to R. Main light and shower light, over the mirror light on a dimmer, Fan timer.


|OUTDOORS| Cool Fence Lighting Idea

2 Feb



Found in this article I didn’t read.  I was just looking at the pictures for something completely unrelated.  Either way, it would match my current wood fence situation and cover some of the unsightly stucco in my backyard.

New York No Fee Apartments – Insider Information for the Top Apartments in New York City.

[Design Dilemma] Bathroom Lighting

13 Jul

With the sink picked out, next on the list is lighting. I don’t necessary need to have the exact fixtures picked out, but want to have a plan for what wiring configuration I’ll need.

Option #1:  Pendants from ceiling on either side of mirror.

This Industrial Tanker Warehouse Pendant from Barnhouse Electric is cool. Click Image for more info.

The options are.

These would be BEAUTIFUL. Also by Barnlight Electric. Click image for more info.

This would be totally gorgeous but at $925 way out of the question.

Option #2:  Wall Sconces on either side of mirror.

The Avia Single Sconce from Restoration Hardware. $110.00

Option #3:  Bar lighting above mirror

This look is edging ahead if I can find it for the right price. Maybe one of these horizontally could work.

Pierce Sconce from Restoration Hardward. Click image for link.

Check out my Resources page for more great lighting sites.