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|BLOG| Refreshing the front steps @ We Heart Minnesota

21 Jul

Here is a great HOW TO on fixing concrete steps, which is on my list, not very close to the top but on there somewhere.

Also,  he does this great blog which I would super like the idea of.





Refreshing the Front Steps | We Heart Minnesota.


|TRASH| slash garden

18 Apr

I stumbled upon this brilliant idea in my neighborhood for keeping your trash cans secure and hidden in a beautiful way.   Anyone know what that plant is called?

|ON| The Fence: Before and After

2 Mar
Completed Fence

The Unfortunate Before.

The Fence in the back”yard” facing north.
Facing south

The Plan.

The Design Stage. Direct from my notebook.

More after shots.

Close up.

Close up version II

|OUTDOORS| Cool Fence Lighting Idea

2 Feb



Found in this article I didn’t read.  I was just looking at the pictures for something completely unrelated.  Either way, it would match my current wood fence situation and cover some of the unsightly stucco in my backyard.

New York No Fee Apartments – Insider Information for the Top Apartments in New York City.

[Outdoor Spaces] Vertical Gardens!

19 Jul

Vertical Garden at Flora Grubb Gardens. Click image to link to her site.

I keep telling myself one project at a time, but this is more then enough to distract anyone.  How crazy is this! I definitely want one for my backyard.

Patrick Blanc Vertical Garden Marché des Halles, Avignon. Found on Click image for Patrick's website.

This is probably more then my tiny backyard can handle.

Some beautiful garden options from Terrain. Click image to link to site.

These look like managable options. The real trick is picking the right plants for your climate and the amount of light you get.  My backyard gets slim to none so I’ll have to do some serious research before attempting this project. I don’t think a Vertical wall of brown dead plants will look as good as the vibrant green ones.

I don't know the story on this one. I found in a random google image search. Click image to link to site.

These appear to be plants of the edible variety! What a great way to grow your own veggies with limited space.

Much more on Vertical Gardens at Green Fortune.