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|DIY| Screen Door

28 Apr

|PHASE 4|The Details

21 Mar

Now its starting to look like a room. Doors do that.

Completed tasks.

  • Installed pocket door hardware and door
  • Installed new lighting
  • Installed new Wall hung sink
  • Installed Faucets
  • Installed mirror and medicine cabinet

Normally all of these things should be done after paint. But as this is my ONLY bathroom, I'm still using it during crazy construction. Also, my spackling is pretty ghetto, but it will look good in the end.

Yes. Thats my shower. It's sortof like camping.

The beautiful new old door.

|ON| The Fence: Before and After

2 Mar
Completed Fence

The Unfortunate Before.

The Fence in the back”yard” facing north.
Facing south

The Plan.

The Design Stage. Direct from my notebook.

More after shots.

Close up.

Close up version II

|PORTFOLIO| Apt #2 Kitchen

2 Feb

Unit 2 Kitchen

This was my first real design project in the house. I didn’t do much of the work myself because of a super tight time-line (except painting the whole place including ceilings, with some help).  I had given myself a month to put a kitchen in, separate the electric onto different meters for each unit, separate the hot water for each unit and install a new water heater for Apt #1, put in 11 new windows,  put up a railing on the porch, fix some stairs…. the list is longer but I may have blocked it out.  I had all of the work contracted out, which didn’t end super well but I learned a little about hiring people… Anyway, I settled on November 15th and had secured renters by December 1st with the promise that, yes, there will be a kitchen when you move in on December 15th, and electricity (I literally showed the unit with a flashlight one night), and fresh paint, and all this junk will be gone, and the floorboards put back, and it will be clean.   Oh and I had washer/dryer hook-ups, drain and vent installed in a 3rd floor closet.  That was an interesting delivery.   All in all, I mostly succeeded.  I had a bit of touch up and some kinks to work out once the renters moved in, but things worked out.

Unfortunately I don’t have a before picture, but take my word for it it was ugly. Also completely unusable.  There was a stove top but no oven, the counter top was all broken up tile, and the layout just didn’t work.

Check out my design sketches below.  The cabinets, counter-tops and sink came from IKEA.  I kept the floor tile that was already there for the sake of time and money. The stove is from Lowes, its a special order apartment size electric.  The fridge came from a scratch and dent place in North Philly.  Total cost for materials was under $3000.

The Design

The west wall.