|MORE| Cement Floor Tiles

3 Aug













Barcelona Decorative Cement Floor Tiles.


|Abstract| tiles in concrete

28 Jul

I’m not sure why, but I’m thinking concrete tiles for the basement at the bottom of the stairs. I really want to dress up this area since its the way to the only bathroom in the apartment, and the bathroom just got a makeover. I really want to do a checker pattern on a diagonal with a light grey and a medium grey alternating, but I’m not sure if I can find what I have in mind. As always, I figure I could always make the tiles myself… But here are some really interesting examples of concrete tiles I came across.

|DIY-able| Reclaimed Gymnasium Bleacher Bench by jerseyicecreamco on Etsy

27 Jul


I really like this  Reclaimed Gymnasium Bleacher Bench by jerseyicecreamco on Etsy but at $250 this bench is out of my current budget. I think I could make it myself for about $50.



|STAKE| Dinner @ Bartram’s Gardens

24 Jul

Last weekend I attended the Stake dinner.  Find out all about it here. It was held at the beautiful Bartram’s Gardens which I have heard of but never been to in my almost 4 years in Philly. For some reason I didn’t take any pictures of the actual food, I think I was hungry, but I can say it was delicious to see and eat!

More phone photos….

A hook in the bathroom. I think I like this better then the ones I got for mine.

|OPENING| @ Crane Arts

23 Jul


|DRINK| Leotah’s Place in Kensington

22 Jul

Check them out here and see my phone photos below.

|BLOG| Refreshing the front steps @ We Heart Minnesota

21 Jul

Here is a great HOW TO on fixing concrete steps, which is on my list, not very close to the top but on there somewhere.

Also,  he does this great blog http://makesomethingcreativetoday.com which I would super like the idea of.





Refreshing the Front Steps | We Heart Minnesota.


15 Jul

Seeing as this is my 4th post in a row with pictures from my phone, it seems I am photo snap happy, so I’m committing to bringing my actual camera with me as much as possible to get some more quality shots.

That being said, all photos below came from my phone, and the next two posts are phone pics as well.   Last night we took a ride through Kensington to check out a friend’s  opening at Crane Arts.   This is what the ride down American Street looks like.

|TREE| house…

15 Jul

Just found these photos of an abandoned building on my phone from several months ago (judging from the snow in one of the pics).  I think it was up in the Art Museum/Francisville Neighborhood.   I love these factory style windows, its a shame this building was neglected for so long that there are actual trees growing out of it.

|ENTRANCE| making

14 Jul

Phone pics  of a newly renovated house in my neighborhood, Northern Liberties, on the way to dinner last night.